Hassle Free Buying/Selling Approach


    Team Gosney LLC will NEVER offer you a “Money Back Guarantee” and Team Gosney LLC will NEVER promise to “If I can’t sell it I will buy it”. Team Gosney WILL guarantee no small print with our listing agreement nor will you ever find  “Restrictions Apply” anywhere in our paperwork. Team Gosney will never ask you to spend THOUSANDS of $$$ to 3rd party individuals for appraisals, inspectors etc. then to ask you to sell your home 10%+ below appraised value.

    50/50 Commision Splits 100% of the time


    When you finally decide to sell your home, your list agent will discuss a listing commission. The significance of this could be your most important decision in terms of selling quickly and for a higher amount.  Did you know that your listing agent could be offering LESS $$$ to the agent who is bringing your buyer to purchase your home and keeping a higher percentage for themselves? This being told, being in the business I can tell you how important it is to offer a even split commission (6% total would be a commission split of 3% to selling agent & 3% to the list agent) to the agent driving your buyer to your door. The more commission offered to the selling agent the MORE BUYERS your will see thru your door!


    Most traditional brokerage state they offer lower commissions but then add a “Service Administration Fee”. This “Administration Fee” is a fee that if asked you normally cannot get a clear response as to why its there. These fees tend to start at a additional $199 and go up from there! Team Gosney does NOT charge buyer fees!


    Team Gosney offers a cancel anytime listing approach. If for whatever reason you decide your not satisfied with our process or if you find a buyer yourself YOU CAN FIRE US! We are confident our Team can surpass your expectations or at any time you can exit our contract.

    This does not apply to a buyer exposed to the property by our office or another agent or if in marketing by our sources.

    Either you or we can cancel by calling and saying, “I want to cancel the listing.” Team Gosney makes it that simple!

    No advance fees of any kind.

    Team Gosney will never ask for upfront fees!

    100% Market Exposure Promise

    Team Gosney will not try and persuade you to allow us to sell your home in-house! We will give 100% market exposure to your home which ultimately will get your home sold FASTER and for MORE $$! Can you believe that there are  brokerages that are trying to persuade sellers that it is better for them to try and keep your home listing private only available to their brokerage.