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Youngstown OH Real Estate Real Estate

Youngstown has been the go to area for investors for the last several decades for low cost rentals and others whom are seeking reasonably priced real estate and is blessed to have a local collage campus YSU. Y/town was known to be the nations largest steel producer several decades until it was out sourced. This loss has created several vacant homes and a city struggling with poor schools. This city is now going thru a economic boom and seen significant growth. Home of the amazing “Mill Creek Park”,  Large city being renovated is now bringing in new business and hope. Commercial Real estate in downtown youngstown has seen a huge increase of investors seeking to buy up available real estate and revitalize. New restaurants and the recent major hotel renovation is a clear sign that Youngstown is on a way back up.  Keep a eye on this real estate as  Y/Town and YSU together make for a great future prospect for some serious returns!